The camp schedule is structured to provide insight into a variety of Sikh related practices. Daily classes are designed to be interactive and evening activities offer an array of information on different topics. Below are some of the highlights.

A variety of topics will be discussed with each group. Common themes will include the concept of Shabad Guru, Ardaas, Identity, Panthic sevaa, and the virtues of a Sikh. These classes are designed to provide a forum where experiences can be shared in an inviting atmosphere.

Interactive workshops and games will be used to highlight various eras of Sikh history. 

For our youngest campers the day will hold fun games, activities, crafts and exercises aimed at instilling a sense of pride in Sikhi. Basic Sikh principles will be taught and these campers will be exposed to the Sikh way of life.

Each age group will have dedicated time to learn shabad keertan from various instructors. Class sizes are small to allow for individualized attention to each student. The hope is that each student will learn and recite at least one shabad by the end of the week. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the translation of the shabad keertan.

Punjabi class provides an opportunity for students at all levels to learn different aspects of the Punjabi language. Beginners will learn the basic gurmukhi alphabet. Intermediate students will learn basic sentence structure for both written and spoken Punjabi. Advanced students will have the opportunity to use this time to learn how to take hukam, and to learn the proper pronunciation and sentence structure of different baanis.

Early morning Nitnem, daily Divaans, special evening discussions and presentations, and the yearly Rehraas at the falls will all be a part of this year’s camp activities. Volleyball, basketball, ‘tips,’ and arts and crafts will provide entertainment during sports time.